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CSR have once again continued to develop & vary the equipment available for hire, with a large range of equipment for uses in theatres, promotions, launches and entertainment venues.

Please note that the items listed on this page do not constitute a comprehensive listing of our hire stock. For a more detailed listing, you can contact us at

All our equipment is thoroughly maintained to ensure that it reaches you in full working order, and that it stays in shape throughout your event! All equipment can be dry-hired, or we can supply an experienced operator. Also, for dry hires, our support section contains the online manuals for our equipment, should your memory need prompting.

CSR has a comprehensive lighting stock, consisting of such items as:


Intelligent Fixtures:-
Wash Lights
MAC250 Wash
MAC250 Entour
LED MAC 350 Entour
Strobe Units
Atomic 3000 DMX

As well as the intelligent fixtures above, CSR also supply a wide range of generic (theatre-style) fixtures such as fresnels and profiles, along with dimming equipment, power distribution supplies and cabling (both 3-phase and single-phase), to ensure that all your lighting needs are met. CSR hold a comprehensive stock of luminaries ranging from hi-tech moving heads to small, easy-to-use, standalone moving-mirror units.

We also have in hire-stock all the extra equipment you may need to fulfil your requirements. This includes: followspots, pinspots, par cans and other 'disco-style' equipment such as UV cannons, mirror balls, other 'disco' effects/lights, smoke machines, haze generators, snow machines and stroboscopic effects of all types.

Lighting Controllers

Avolites Pearl 2004
Avolites Pearl 2000

CSR specialise in the Avolites Pearl 2004 lighting control desk. This desk means that your intelligent lighting can work in harmony with generic lighting, using one easy-to-control desk. Capable of controlling 120 moving fixtures and 240 dimmers simultaneously, (for more specifications, click on the image to the left) this desk is available dry hire or with an experienced operator.

For control with less requirement, we also offer a choice of smaller desks ranging from 12 to 72 channels, and dedicated Martin controllers / software. There are also simple plug and play computer chasers for generic- and / or moving lights. We can supply a wide range and size of dimmers and demux units.

Effects and Rigging

Smoke Machines

CSR have always supplied only the best in smoke machines of all types in order to offer the widest range and give the optimum performance, The original industry standard ZR20 was the mainstay of our stock, but this has been updated to the new standard ZR22 DMX, offering new opportunities of DMX control (see lighting controllers). We also supply DMX haze machines (such as the ZR 24/7 DMX - pictured), low lying fog machines, snow machines, and wind machines to assist distribution. All fluid supplied by CSR is certified top quality JEM fluid, fulfilling all health and safety requirements.

CSR are also suppliers of rigging & trussing in both tri & quad section.

Truss / Rigging

CSR has supplied trussing & rigging for many years and has Thomas four-section trussing available for hire, either dry hire or setup by us.

All trussing is polished silver and can be built in varying shapes and sizes. From stock, we can provide self-supporting structures 10 m square, standing 4m high, that are capable of hanging a large amount of lighting, audio, visual or promotional equipment. CSR have supplied trussing for trade fairs, product launches & dance events throughout the UK.

Also available are corners, curves and other specialised sections which allow many designs to be built. Wind-up stands are also available to allow single straight sections to be used as overhead gantries. For requirements and quotes, please contact us at

Tel or Fax: 024 763 44 235

Mobile: 07973 720 625

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